Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roid Calculator

Check out the website to determine how many mgs of
a particular steroid are in your bloodstream at a particular time during a cycle.

The diagram function is extremely helpful when designing a cycle
and the calculator can measure levels of Omnadren/Sustanon, Deca,
Cypionate, Enanthate, Propionate and EQ.
There is also a calculator for measuring orals such as dbol and winstrol
and the values for the half-lives of all of these can be tweaked to suit any exotic steroid or injection site.

According to the site, the half lives are based on studies of glute injections and injections to smaller muscles such as the delts could increase half lives significantly.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Winstrol? Can I drink it?

There was an inside joke on the forums 10 years ago, which probably
continues to this day, regarding the disbelief of newbies in being able
to take injectable winstrol orally.

I was reminded of it while answering an email from a reader recently.
Anyway, Stanozolol, is a 17 alpha-alkylated steroid which comes
in both oral and suspension form.

Similarly to the old, veterinary injectable dbol, it can be taken orally.
Injecting winstrol would probably be slightly more efficient
but thanks to the fact its 17aa, it will not be broken down
by the digestive system, in contrast to most other injectables.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Anabolic Steroids Safer than Smoking says Lancet

A recent study by The Lancet, one of the world's leading medical
journals, concluded that anabolic steroid 'abuse' is less harmful than most
other drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.

The study ranked the 20 most popular legal and illegal drugs
by the harm they do to the individual and society. Predictably,
heroin and cocaine topped the list, followed by alcohol and tobacco
(5th and 9th place, respectively). Anabolic steroids were in 16th place,
barely more dangerous than GHB and Khat.

A graph can be seen here:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

HGH Blue Tops

Blue Tops are the name of 100iu kits of synthetic 191aa Human
Growth Hormone from China.

Each vial contains 10iu's of GH and requires bacteriostatic water
to be added before subcutaneaous injection.

Some users report that using just 2-3iu's per day together with
testosterone or other steroids result in dramatic improvements to
strength, size, vascularity and retention of gains during a cycle.

The most dramatic results are reported by those over 35 years of age.

The vials come without labels and the price with is just
350$ per kit, sent from the US!
Introducing the rest of the Razak Line

Those of you who have been reporting good results with Razak's 10mg
dbols- Methanex 10- will be happy ot hear about the rest of the product line.

First up is Stanex 10, which contains 100tabs of 10mg stanozolol.

Next we have Oxanex 10- or oxandrolone or anavar

and finally, Oxymex 25- or a 25mg version of oxymetholone or 'A-bombs'.

The new packaging is similar for the whole line and a the new UV Check
feature is present for the latest lots and will make it a product difficult to counterfeit.
A couple more cycles examples

Here are a couple more cycles examples for those who have been

The first is a classic cycle for size and strength.

Week Omnadren Deca/EQ dbol Nolvadex
1......750mg....400mg....30mg/ needed
2.....500mg....400mg....30mg/ needed
3.....500mg....400mg....30mg/ needed
4.....500mg....400mg....20mg/ needed
5.....500mg....400mg....20mg/ needed
6.....500mg....400mg....20mg/ needed

Next we have another classic cycle, the deca/dbol stack, very
popular in the days of Arnold. Notice that a testosterone
may be added towards the end (or from the beginning) for those who
experience 'deca dick.' Also arimidex is a better
choice than nolvadex if gyno is caused by the deca.

Week Deca Dbol Arimidex Test cyp
1......400mg..30mg/ needed
2......400mg..30mg/ needed
3......400mg..30mg/ needed
4......400mg..30mg/ needed
5......400mg..30mg/ needed
6......400mg..30mg/ needed needed...200mg (optional) needed...200mg (optional) needed...200mg (optional) needed...200mg (optional)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jelfa Metanabol Update

Jelfa pharmaceutical company, best known for its exellent Omnadren
and Testosteron Prolongatum, also produces limited amounts
of a 5mg methandrostenolone.

This product is popular among those in the know as it is a properly
dosed, high quality product. In contrast to Omnadren, Metanabol is
priced higher than most of its counterparts, but despite this fact
there seem to be no shortage of people who would be willing
to dish out twice what the would pay for Russian dbols.

packaging has recently changed from a rectangular
to a square one, there are 20 tablets per package, check out the pics!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bayer Proviron

Finally today we have some pics of Bayer's Mesterolone, or Proviron.

Mesterolone is used as an antiestrogen and is similar to Nolvadex in that

This box was made for the Greek market and contains 20 25mg tablets.

There are no known fakes of Proviron.

Winstrol Depot Update

The most recent incarnation of Desma's (formerly Zambon) 50mg human
grade Winstrol Depot have a similar packaging as always, with only
one long, thin ampule per box. According to the package insert, 3
amp boxes are also still being produced. Winstrol Depot is very
popular during cutting cycles and with users who don't mind paying
more for real, pharmaceutical grade gear.

It is a micronized winny and the only Human-grade stanozolol

Our current lot no. is B024 with an expiration date of 10/2013,
the amps remain unchanged from several years ago when
the stubby-fat amps were replaced and the package
has braile print and hologram-stickers.

Testex Prolongatum Update

Virtually the only chance of finding any human-grade cypionate
these days has always been with Spain's 250mg Testex.
Formerly known as Testex Elmu Prolongatum, Testex Prolongatum is
produced by Q Pharma and comes in individually packaged 2ml amps
with 125mg of testosterone cypionate per ml.
These have a repuation of being a very high quality quality product,
as their price reflects, and these have been faked before.
The brown amp has a white stripe around its neck and
there is black silk screen writing on it. Each amp comes
in a plastic holder and the box is white with blue and black
writing and braille print. This lot is B 02 with an expiration
date of 02/2013.

Lyka Labs Clenbuterol

Here are some pics of the clenbuterol tabs made by Lyka Labs.
Each package contains 100 tablets of 0.04mg clenbuterol HLC.
Lyka's clen is popular among bodybuilders during cutting
cycles and users report similar results as with the old
Bulgarian clen.

Having taken these myself, I am happy to announce
that the potency seems ok.

The batch no. is C2r-2586 with an expiration date of 05.05.2014.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Testosteron Propionat 5%

Testosteron Propionat 5% is made by Farmadon
in Russia and is a popular type of propionate used in
Europe for well over a decade.

It comes in a pack of ten amps and its packaging has
remained unchanged for what seems like forever.
Farmadon does not use traditional ampules but instead
uses the 'Rocket' type, sedldom seen in the West.
They do look a little silly but are user friendly and easier
to break than non-filed traditional amps.

Thankfully, due to using such odd ampules, this prop
is difficult to counterfeit. A few years ago a Farmadon
propionate fake was available with an alleged 100mg
concentration, a traditional ampule and English
writing. Of course, there was little active ingredient.

Farmadon is also know for making a mixed ester product,
which doesn't seem to be avialable anymore but contained
20mg of prop and 80 mg of enanthate.

Farmadon's propionate has a reputation for being
a dependable propionate which is quite cheap for
a human grade product and rarely successfuly
counterfeited. Propionate is a often used in cutting cycles
as it does not cause as much water retention as suspension or
testosterones with longer esters.
Merck Euthyrox N 100

Merck of Germany are producing packs of levothyroxine (t4) for the
Polish market. Each tablet contains 100mcg of levothyroxine and
there are 100 tablets per package.

Here are some pics of the box.

75mcg of levothyroxine

Ratiopharm Anastrozol 'Arimidex'

Arimidex has long been regarded as the 'holy grail' of
antiestrogens as it is extremely effective in preventing bloating
and gynocomastia and some people even report that is can reverse gyno.

Unlike Nolvadex and Proviron, which block estrogen receptors,
Anastrozol prevents testosterone and other steroids from
aromatizing into estrogen, and does so very effectively.
Just 0.5mg, or half a tablet, is enough for a daily dose even for heavy cycles.

Most users have used Anastrozol made by UG labs as legitimate,
pharmaceutical grade Arimidex has always been prohibitevly
expensive for most users.

Not anymore, as Ratiopharm's Arimidex is priced much cheaper
than Zeneca's and even cheaper than some UG brands.
Ratiopharm's Anastrozol is available in Polish pharmacies with a
perscription and comes in a pink and white box with braille writing
and a package insert. Each box contains 28 1mg tablets in blister packs
and the current lot number is H27458.

This product has never been counterfeited.

This is a superior Anastrozol product, but there is only a limited supply,
so take advantage of this great deal while supplies last!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ilium Stanabolic update

In recent months, new 10ml vials of stanozolol, testosterone, deca,
EQ and tren have been showing up on the black market here in
Europe. We were initially sceptical of the new 'Stanabolic' line,
but following positive reviews from a number of users were sent off
several vials for testing and here are the results.
A pdf copy of the lab results should be available from us by email shortly.

Ilium Stanabolic Stanozolol

This winstrol comes in a brown 10ml vial, containing at least 12ml
of water-based stanozolol with white silk screen writing
and a red cap. The lot numer is 463586 and the stanozolol powder
seperates from the water if left to settle for an hour.
According to our lab assay, each cc contains 76mg of stanozolol
(though the bottle says 100mg/ml) and the powder is fine enough
that it should not clog a 25g needle. Though slightly underdosed,
the vial contains couple of extra mililiters to compensate.

Ilium Stanobolic Cypionate 100

The vial is similar to the stanozolol with the exception that the
silk screen writing in blue instead of white. The writing on
the vial says TESTOSTERUM CIPIONATE 100MG/ML, batch no.
1012 and every vial we have seen contains no less than 10.5ml.
According to our lab assay, each cc contains 125mg
of testosterone cypionate so the product is slightly over-dosed.

Following a the positive results of the first lab tests, we sent
off several more vials including deca and EQ for testing
and hope to post the results here shortly.

Counterfeit Agoviron Depot Update

Having not seen any 50mg water-based testosterone isobutyrate on
the black market lately, we were surprised to find
that there are several lots available. When we purchased some we
were surprised to find that they were being sold
loose, without boxes.

Red Flag.

Also the level of powder at the bottom of the amps,
when left to settle, was alot less than we had remembered-
approximately 20% of the liquid in the amp, whereas I had
always remembered that Agoviron should leave a milky
substance roughly equal to the amount of water in the amp.
Our tests confirmed that there was just 10mg of testosterone
per ampule (5mg per cc!) and we suggest everyone steer
clear of any Agoviron Depot for the time being!
A cycle for beginners

Some folks have been asking us for a sample cycle for a novie user.
Here is one that we can recommend:

What you will need:

32 amps of testosteron prolongatum or 3200mg of another brand of
testosterone enanthate
70 x 10mg dbol
35 x 50mg clomid

one box of arimidex and nolvadex on hand, just in case of

week 1: test prolongatum 400mg/week dbol 30mg/day
week 2: test prolongatum 400mg/week dbol 30mg/day
week 3: test prolongatum 400mg/week dbol 20mg/day
week 4: test prolongatum 400mg/week dbol 20mg/day
week 5: test prolongatum 400mg/week
week 6: test prolongatum 400mg/week
week 7: test prolongatum 400mg/week
week 8: test prolongatum 400mg/week

week 10: 100mg/day clomid (start ten days after last shot)
week 11: 100mg/day clomid
week 12: 50mg/day clomid

How to perform an intramuscular injection

An intramuscular injection is the injection of a substance deep
into muscle tissue- typically, either the buttock
or deltoid, although quad and any other muscle can be used.

You'll need some substance to inject, a syringe, two needles- one
for drawing the substance into the syringe,
the other for the injection itself and an alcohol swab. Penetrating
a rubber vial cap or merely touching the bottom of
an amp is enough to dull a needle and why a fresh needle is always
recommened for an injection. The sharper the needle, the less
painful the injection.

Step one:
Wash your hands

Step two:
Draw the medication into the syringe- always use a new
sterile needle to draw the substance from a multidose
vial. In the case of an oil based drug, the wider the needle the
better. An amp may be placed in warm water for a few
minutes to thin the oil inside.

Step three:
Attach a new needle to the loaded syringe, the thinner
the better, though with oil based drugs, smaller than 25g or so
is not practical.

Step four:
Select an injection site and clean the area with the
alcohol swab. The upper and outer quadrant of the
buttock the best choice. Hold the syringe like a dart and spread
the skin of the injection area between your fingers
while plunging the needle all the way down into the muscle.

Step five:
With the needle injected deep into the muscle tissue,
pull back on the plunger a little and make sure no blood
is present. If you see blood, remove the needle and find another
injection spot. If all you see is a little air bubble forming,
you are clear of a blood vessel and may beging slowly depressing
the plunger. It should take 10 seconds for every cc of oil to be
injected. After you have injected the drug, wait ten seconds and
slowly pull the needle out.

Step six:
Wipe away any blood with a swab and gently massage the
injection area. Dispose of the needle and syringe properly.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Post Cycle Therapy with Clomid, Nolvadex and HCG

Clomid is one of the most popular drugs used post-cycle by
bodybuilders. Clomiphene citrate, stimulates the production of
FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone),
which together stimulate the production of testosterone in
the testes. Additionally, Clomid has anti-estrogenic properties
and will help with water retention and protect (somewhat)
against gynocomastia.

Arimidex or Nolvadex (tamoxifen) are
recommended to protect from bitch tits throughout the cycle.

Clomid can be used throughout the cycle, but must be used
afterwards. If the cycle consists of orals and water-based
gear only, the Clomid cycle should started within hours of
the last tablet/injection. With oil-based gear, one has to wait
until the levels of the drug in the body diminish, based upon
the half-life of the drug. For example, 3-4 weeks after an
omnadren or deca durabolin shot. Or two weeks after
an enanthate (testosterone or primo) or 3-4 days after gear
with a propionate ester, et cetera.

The duration of a Clomid cycle is typically 2-4 weeks, starting
with as high as 300mg on the first day or two, 100mg ed
for 1-2 weeks, followed by 50mg ed for a further week or more.
Additionally, Nolvadex may be used post cycle in conjunction
with Clomid, typically 20mg for every 50mg of Clomid taken.

For those unable to use Clomid post cycle, whether due to side
effects such as blurred vision or lack of availability, Nolvadex
may be used. A typical dose would start at 60mg per day
for 1-2 weeks followed by a week of 40mg ed and finally
a week at 20mg ed.

Finally, one can use Pregnyl, or
Human Chronic Gonadotropin, to kick start production of testosterone and treat atrophied testicles. 1000iu a day for 1-2 weeks seems to work best, followed by a Clomid/Nolvadex cycle starting a week after the final injection.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Testosteron Prolongatum Update

Jelfa pharmaceutical plant has recently changed the packaging for its human-grade 100mg amps of testosterone enanthate. The changes are similar to those of the new Omnadren 250; a new box with braille writing, a stripe on the amp and a package insert.

Despite having only 100mg per ampule of enanthate, Testosteron Prolongatum remains very popular among users, as it is rarely counterfeited- and with the new changes to its appearance making it even more unlikely to be chosen to be copied.

As Jelfa is a serious pharmaceutical company, it caters not to bodybuilders but to medical patients, for whom a 250mg dose of mixed ester testosterone is available in Omnadren 250.

With the widespread faking of Galenikas and Testovirons in recent years, and with the only other options being crude UG lab versions of enanthate in multi-dose vials, Testosteron Prolongatum is a good choice for those looking for the highestquality testosterone, who demand that their gear is real and human pharmaceutical grade and only those users injecting several grams a week could be turned off by its relativelylow concentration.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Omnadren 250- A 'cheap' Sustanon?

Omnadren 250 is the trade name of Sustanon made in Poland by Jelfa
pharmaceutical plant. The ratios of the various testosterone esters
are identical to those of Sustanon, however, probably due to its
reasonable price, many people still think Omnas are of lesser
quality than common forms of human-grade sustanon currently available. Why is this?
It has been over ten years since the Omnadren 250 formula, which was initially slightly different than that of sustanon, was modified to be an exact copy of sustanon.

Here are some reasons why Omnadren can be considered among the best Sustanons out there:

Omandren 250 is produced in the EU, and Jelfa's plants are some of
the most high-tech (due to being new) in the region. Omandren 250 may
have been considered sub-par 15 years ago before Poland entered
the EU and Jelfa started having to meet stringent EU norms
(coupled with millions for new investments for state of the art
production facilities). While sustanon made in Europe have a good
reputation, it seems this reputation and brand recognition benefits
other sustanons made outside Europe, in countries like Egypt
or Pakistan. Simply, if Polish omnas are to be considered worse
than Dutch sustanons (on what grounds?), then it makes no sense
to say that Egyptian, Pakistani or Indian susts are also better.

Omnadren 250 got its reputation for being cheap over 15 years ago,
when Poland was just recovering from half a century of communism.
Everything Was cheap!
So when omnas costed 30 cents in the pharmacies, you could make a
nice profit selling them for 2-3 bucks an amp. These days, Poland
is quite an expensive country. Apartment prices in Warsaw rival
those in Stockholm and the going rate for an amp of Omnadren 250
in the pharmacy is about 3 dollars. Nile sustanon are cheaper in
Egypt, and in contrast to Poland, where strict EU rules require
prescriptions for prescription drugs, the pharmacies dont carry
sustanon knock-offs for half the price.

Like any other popular anabolic, Omnadren 250 has been
counterfieted, chiefly by outfits in Russia and Ukraine.
To combat this, Jelfa regularly changes the packaging
or markings on the amps.

Currently, the newest version of omnas has a new brown stripe,
new box, braille print, etc. Meanwhile, the packaging of most
sustanons hasnt changed in years, and makes it an easy
target for counterfeiters. The fact of the matter is, there has not
been a 'good' counterfeit of Omnadren 250 made in years,
available in Poland anyway. It occured to those who faked omnas,
that making copies of a product which changes its design so often
only tarneshes their reputation when they try to sell it and
anyone in the who know can recognize their scam. So they went UG,
where they control their brands and packaging so they dont have
to go back to the drawing board every few months.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

RBB Team's Bulletin for July 4th

Happy independence day to all from the RBB team!

Omnadren 250 Update:

The Jelfa pharmaceutical company is staying well ahead of
the counterfeiters by once again changing the appearance of the packaging and ampules of its test based products,
including its Omnadren 250, sustanon clone.
Omnas now, for the first time, come with package inserts, a
brown stripe on the amp and braille writing on the box- this is
more to make the package harder to fake than for blind pharmacists
or patients. Counterfieters have in the past had a hard
time reproducing the omna box, particularly the amp holders, and
virtually all of the fake omnas out there in recent years have come
in either poor quality boxes with amp holders which dont function
properly, or were sold without boxes at all. Basically, these new
lots of omnas are as close as they come to counterfiet-proof and
certainly, as of right now, if your omnas have a brown stripe on
the amp, they are 100% real!!!

Methanex Dbol Update:

The UGL 10mg dbols form Razak now come with a serial number
and the latest lot the pill color is pink. These dbols are very popular
with the bodybuilding community in Europe right now and have
a good reputation of being properly and more importantly,
evenly dosed. The changes apply to the rest of the line as
well (check out Stanazol too) and show that even UG labs are
thinking of ways to prevent counterfeits. We have sent out nearly
100 packs of these dbols as FREE SAMPLES and expect
that the boards will be teeming wit positive reviews in the
following weeks!


Some of you have been asking about what type of oil is used in Gena-
Pharm's line of injectibles- FYI its cross-filtered pharmaceutical
grade grapeseed oil. We currently stock sust-300,enanthate 300,
cypionate 200, prop 100, EQ 200, Tren ace 100, deca 300 for

Axio Labs Arimidex

For a short time only, we are offering 1mg tabs of Arimidex at a
DISCOUNTED PRICE for those ordering their cycles. Ask about the
discount when ordering! Say no to gyno!