Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to perform an intramuscular injection

An intramuscular injection is the injection of a substance deep
into muscle tissue- typically, either the buttock
or deltoid, although quad and any other muscle can be used.

You'll need some substance to inject, a syringe, two needles- one
for drawing the substance into the syringe,
the other for the injection itself and an alcohol swab. Penetrating
a rubber vial cap or merely touching the bottom of
an amp is enough to dull a needle and why a fresh needle is always
recommened for an injection. The sharper the needle, the less
painful the injection.

Step one:
Wash your hands

Step two:
Draw the medication into the syringe- always use a new
sterile needle to draw the substance from a multidose
vial. In the case of an oil based drug, the wider the needle the
better. An amp may be placed in warm water for a few
minutes to thin the oil inside.

Step three:
Attach a new needle to the loaded syringe, the thinner
the better, though with oil based drugs, smaller than 25g or so
is not practical.

Step four:
Select an injection site and clean the area with the
alcohol swab. The upper and outer quadrant of the
buttock the best choice. Hold the syringe like a dart and spread
the skin of the injection area between your fingers
while plunging the needle all the way down into the muscle.

Step five:
With the needle injected deep into the muscle tissue,
pull back on the plunger a little and make sure no blood
is present. If you see blood, remove the needle and find another
injection spot. If all you see is a little air bubble forming,
you are clear of a blood vessel and may beging slowly depressing
the plunger. It should take 10 seconds for every cc of oil to be
injected. After you have injected the drug, wait ten seconds and
slowly pull the needle out.

Step six:
Wipe away any blood with a swab and gently massage the
injection area. Dispose of the needle and syringe properly.

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