Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ilium Stanabolic update

In recent months, new 10ml vials of stanozolol, testosterone, deca,
EQ and tren have been showing up on the black market here in
Europe. We were initially sceptical of the new 'Stanabolic' line,
but following positive reviews from a number of users were sent off
several vials for testing and here are the results.
A pdf copy of the lab results should be available from us by email shortly.

Ilium Stanabolic Stanozolol

This winstrol comes in a brown 10ml vial, containing at least 12ml
of water-based stanozolol with white silk screen writing
and a red cap. The lot numer is 463586 and the stanozolol powder
seperates from the water if left to settle for an hour.
According to our lab assay, each cc contains 76mg of stanozolol
(though the bottle says 100mg/ml) and the powder is fine enough
that it should not clog a 25g needle. Though slightly underdosed,
the vial contains couple of extra mililiters to compensate.

Ilium Stanobolic Cypionate 100

The vial is similar to the stanozolol with the exception that the
silk screen writing in blue instead of white. The writing on
the vial says TESTOSTERUM CIPIONATE 100MG/ML, batch no.
1012 and every vial we have seen contains no less than 10.5ml.
According to our lab assay, each cc contains 125mg
of testosterone cypionate so the product is slightly over-dosed.

Following a the positive results of the first lab tests, we sent
off several more vials including deca and EQ for testing
and hope to post the results here shortly.

Counterfeit Agoviron Depot Update

Having not seen any 50mg water-based testosterone isobutyrate on
the black market lately, we were surprised to find
that there are several lots available. When we purchased some we
were surprised to find that they were being sold
loose, without boxes.

Red Flag.

Also the level of powder at the bottom of the amps,
when left to settle, was alot less than we had remembered-
approximately 20% of the liquid in the amp, whereas I had
always remembered that Agoviron should leave a milky
substance roughly equal to the amount of water in the amp.
Our tests confirmed that there was just 10mg of testosterone
per ampule (5mg per cc!) and we suggest everyone steer
clear of any Agoviron Depot for the time being!

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