Thursday, July 9, 2009

Omnadren 250- A 'cheap' Sustanon?

Omnadren 250 is the trade name of Sustanon made in Poland by Jelfa
pharmaceutical plant. The ratios of the various testosterone esters
are identical to those of Sustanon, however, probably due to its
reasonable price, many people still think Omnas are of lesser
quality than common forms of human-grade sustanon currently available. Why is this?
It has been over ten years since the Omnadren 250 formula, which was initially slightly different than that of sustanon, was modified to be an exact copy of sustanon.

Here are some reasons why Omnadren can be considered among the best Sustanons out there:

Omandren 250 is produced in the EU, and Jelfa's plants are some of
the most high-tech (due to being new) in the region. Omandren 250 may
have been considered sub-par 15 years ago before Poland entered
the EU and Jelfa started having to meet stringent EU norms
(coupled with millions for new investments for state of the art
production facilities). While sustanon made in Europe have a good
reputation, it seems this reputation and brand recognition benefits
other sustanons made outside Europe, in countries like Egypt
or Pakistan. Simply, if Polish omnas are to be considered worse
than Dutch sustanons (on what grounds?), then it makes no sense
to say that Egyptian, Pakistani or Indian susts are also better.

Omnadren 250 got its reputation for being cheap over 15 years ago,
when Poland was just recovering from half a century of communism.
Everything Was cheap!
So when omnas costed 30 cents in the pharmacies, you could make a
nice profit selling them for 2-3 bucks an amp. These days, Poland
is quite an expensive country. Apartment prices in Warsaw rival
those in Stockholm and the going rate for an amp of Omnadren 250
in the pharmacy is about 3 dollars. Nile sustanon are cheaper in
Egypt, and in contrast to Poland, where strict EU rules require
prescriptions for prescription drugs, the pharmacies dont carry
sustanon knock-offs for half the price.

Like any other popular anabolic, Omnadren 250 has been
counterfieted, chiefly by outfits in Russia and Ukraine.
To combat this, Jelfa regularly changes the packaging
or markings on the amps.

Currently, the newest version of omnas has a new brown stripe,
new box, braille print, etc. Meanwhile, the packaging of most
sustanons hasnt changed in years, and makes it an easy
target for counterfeiters. The fact of the matter is, there has not
been a 'good' counterfeit of Omnadren 250 made in years,
available in Poland anyway. It occured to those who faked omnas,
that making copies of a product which changes its design so often
only tarneshes their reputation when they try to sell it and
anyone in the who know can recognize their scam. So they went UG,
where they control their brands and packaging so they dont have
to go back to the drawing board every few months.

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