Saturday, July 4, 2009

RBB Team's Bulletin for July 4th

Happy independence day to all from the RBB team!

Omnadren 250 Update:

The Jelfa pharmaceutical company is staying well ahead of
the counterfeiters by once again changing the appearance of the packaging and ampules of its test based products,
including its Omnadren 250, sustanon clone.
Omnas now, for the first time, come with package inserts, a
brown stripe on the amp and braille writing on the box- this is
more to make the package harder to fake than for blind pharmacists
or patients. Counterfieters have in the past had a hard
time reproducing the omna box, particularly the amp holders, and
virtually all of the fake omnas out there in recent years have come
in either poor quality boxes with amp holders which dont function
properly, or were sold without boxes at all. Basically, these new
lots of omnas are as close as they come to counterfiet-proof and
certainly, as of right now, if your omnas have a brown stripe on
the amp, they are 100% real!!!

Methanex Dbol Update:

The UGL 10mg dbols form Razak now come with a serial number
and the latest lot the pill color is pink. These dbols are very popular
with the bodybuilding community in Europe right now and have
a good reputation of being properly and more importantly,
evenly dosed. The changes apply to the rest of the line as
well (check out Stanazol too) and show that even UG labs are
thinking of ways to prevent counterfeits. We have sent out nearly
100 packs of these dbols as FREE SAMPLES and expect
that the boards will be teeming wit positive reviews in the
following weeks!


Some of you have been asking about what type of oil is used in Gena-
Pharm's line of injectibles- FYI its cross-filtered pharmaceutical
grade grapeseed oil. We currently stock sust-300,enanthate 300,
cypionate 200, prop 100, EQ 200, Tren ace 100, deca 300 for

Axio Labs Arimidex

For a short time only, we are offering 1mg tabs of Arimidex at a
DISCOUNTED PRICE for those ordering their cycles. Ask about the
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