Saturday, July 11, 2009

Testosteron Prolongatum Update

Jelfa pharmaceutical plant has recently changed the packaging for its human-grade 100mg amps of testosterone enanthate. The changes are similar to those of the new Omnadren 250; a new box with braille writing, a stripe on the amp and a package insert.

Despite having only 100mg per ampule of enanthate, Testosteron Prolongatum remains very popular among users, as it is rarely counterfeited- and with the new changes to its appearance making it even more unlikely to be chosen to be copied.

As Jelfa is a serious pharmaceutical company, it caters not to bodybuilders but to medical patients, for whom a 250mg dose of mixed ester testosterone is available in Omnadren 250.

With the widespread faking of Galenikas and Testovirons in recent years, and with the only other options being crude UG lab versions of enanthate in multi-dose vials, Testosteron Prolongatum is a good choice for those looking for the highestquality testosterone, who demand that their gear is real and human pharmaceutical grade and only those users injecting several grams a week could be turned off by its relativelylow concentration.

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  1. My next cycle is going to be with these. No more UG crap!!! Thx RBBGear- You da man!