Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Testosteron Propionat 5%

Testosteron Propionat 5% is made by Farmadon
in Russia and is a popular type of propionate used in
Europe for well over a decade.

It comes in a pack of ten amps and its packaging has
remained unchanged for what seems like forever.
Farmadon does not use traditional ampules but instead
uses the 'Rocket' type, sedldom seen in the West.
They do look a little silly but are user friendly and easier
to break than non-filed traditional amps.

Thankfully, due to using such odd ampules, this prop
is difficult to counterfeit. A few years ago a Farmadon
propionate fake was available with an alleged 100mg
concentration, a traditional ampule and English
writing. Of course, there was little active ingredient.

Farmadon is also know for making a mixed ester product,
which doesn't seem to be avialable anymore but contained
20mg of prop and 80 mg of enanthate.

Farmadon's propionate has a reputation for being
a dependable propionate which is quite cheap for
a human grade product and rarely successfuly
counterfeited. Propionate is a often used in cutting cycles
as it does not cause as much water retention as suspension or
testosterones with longer esters.


  1. I loved using these for cutting with EQ! Keep up the good work RBB!

  2. OUT of stock for like forever