Thursday, August 20, 2009

Andreas Munzer Death Stack!!

The late Andreas Munzer was known for coming into a show extremely ripped and shortly after his reported 1996 cycle (shortly before dying of a diuretic overdose) started to be circulated on the boards. Some have said the cycle is right on and they know BBers who take similar amounts while others, such as Nasser El Sonbaty, have stated that the cycle is correct though the dosages are somewhat exaggerated and others still have said its a load of BS and that Munzer claimed to be using so much to cover up his retail roid operation. At any rate, its an interesting read and yes, ED is Every Day!:

Weeks 1-10

Weeks 1-5
500mg Test E ED
152mg Parabolan ED
150mg Dbol ED
150mg Halo ED
20iu HGH ED
20iu Slin ED

Weeks 6-8
300mg Masteron ED
152 Parablan ED
250mg Winni Tabs ED
150mg Halo ED
50mg Winni inj. ED
24iu's HGH ED

Weeks 9-10
200mg Masteron ED
100mg Winni inj. ED
200mg Halo ED
400mg Winni tabs ED
24iu's HGH ED
Insulin ED


  1. Holy crap! insane!

  2. He must have walked around in constant pain from injections every day. Thats crazy dedication!

  3. All his time was used up taking and absorbing the supps....did he have time to train? Your body would crave so much down time just to digest everything

  4. I dont feel bad for anyone that died that would use even 1/4 of that cycle!

    In fact, it seems far fetched, but who knows?

    One good lesson though, lets say he DID use that much. Is he THAT BIG compaired to his competitors that used no where NEAR those amounts? You would be better off doing as little aas as possible, and work hard at the gym, and eat right. It scares me when I think some younger Bro looks at this cycle and so thinks its SAFE to do as much aas as you wish?
    Before you think that is true, remember the most telling factor here..."The man is DEAD!"


  5. This article was comical. If anyone believes those doses then you must be very inexperienced. Look at the halo doses. Come on now.