Saturday, August 22, 2009

Desma Winstrol Counterfeit vs. Real

Here are some pics of legit vs. fake winstrol, with the fake being show at the bottom of the pic. The boxes are identical with the exception of the hologram. According to an email from Desma:

"Expiration: exclusively batches A017, A018, A019 and A020 has expiration date in letters due to manufacturing requirements.

However, we want to point out that we have been informed of faked A018 units. The product is similar to the original: same pack, same hologram. However, once analized the hologram, there are several differences: - the original hologram is placed in the pack in a manual process. Accordingly, it is difficult to find holograms that fit exactly within the squared line printed in the pack.

The faked hologram is stiked by a machine: it fits perfectly well within the borders. - the original hologram brights with intensity, no matter the position of the pack. The faked hologarm is less brilliant and depending on the position of the pack it can even appears matt. - the predominant images in the original hologram are bright crossed beams; in the faked hologram the predominant colours are yellow and green. - in the original, the letter D seems to be black internally. - in the original, the letters ESMA contain a think black shadow. "

Buyer Beware!

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  1. I have vials of the Desma Winstrol and old zambons, after leaving them settle for a couple of hour they all had different levels of water to solution, some had little water but alot of solution and others contanded less solution and more water, all had a clear water.
    What does that mean if anyone can help thanks.