Monday, August 24, 2009

Farmak Testosterone Propionate 5%

Yet another human grade testosterone propionate is Farmak, made in the Ukraine. It comes in a white box containing 5 amps, dosed at 50mg per ampule- check out the pics. The clear amps have white/blue/green paper labels and may be difficult to open as they don't come
scored from the factory.

The Farmak prop, similarly to Farmadon, have a good reputation with bodybuilders in Eastern Europe and the product seems not to be a priority for counterfeiters due to its low price and the fact that it isnt a particulalry known product outside of Europe.

Definitely a good buy for someone looking for a quality prop! Propionate is the testosterone of choice for those who are cutting, as it promotes harness and leads to less water retention than longer-estered testosterones and suspension. Also, the propionate ester is a short one, leaving much more free testosterone left over per 100mg of total product than enanthate of cypionate, for example.

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