Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Primobolan Depot Update

Here are some pics of some recent, and brand new Primobolan Depot, made in Turkey. Apart from the fact that this is probably the most expensive mg per mg steroid on the market today, Primo is known for being a great choice for women and during cutting cycles, and has a cult following similar to Parabolan or Masteron.

The new Bayer amps (pictured top) look the same as the old Schering ones, apart from the logo of course, and the only difference seems to be the box, which resembles the packaging for original Proviron.
While there are no known fakes of the new Primo yet, due to its high price, surely the new reincarnation of Primobolan will become a target for counterfeiters very soon. At any rate, Primo is great stuff.

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