Friday, August 28, 2009

Sopharma Bulgarian Clenbuterol

Today we have some pics of Clenbuterol from Bulgaria. A few years ago, before the UG lab explosion, these and Spiropent were the only game in town. These human grade clen are 0.02mg or 20mcg each and they have a very good reputation for being properly and evenly dosed.
While some UG labs have a problem properly making anadrol tabs dosed at 50mg each- with some having 65mg and others from the same pack having 35mg- when dealing with chemicals in the micrograms, you really have to know what youre doing to pull it off correctly- who wants that last clen tab of the day to be 200mcg, after all...
Clen like other ancilliaries, seems to be one of these substances that are faked extremely rarely. So if you get a chance to pick up a few packs of these, they are highly recommended.


  1. i have this, and i dont anderstend why they dont work. my looks like this on pic. teste very sweeet. mu cycle 1day/20mcg, 2/40, 3/60, 4/80, 5/100, 6/120 7/120, and now i dont now what to do, it can be fake?

  2. I have the same as above too and I am feeling nothing at 120 mg a day or 6 tabs I have no jitters not heart racing nothing are they fake andf we don't know it?