Sunday, August 30, 2009

Testoviron Depot

Testoviron Depot is usually the name of Testosterone Enanthate made by Schering in several countries throughout the world. It comes in concentrations of 100mg/ml and, the more popular 250mg/ml and has a good reputation as a high quality testosterone product, irrespective of the country of production.
Similarly to its sister compound, Primobolan Depot, it is counterfeited more often than, say, Testosteron Prolongatum by Jelfa, probably due to its higher concentration and therefore, its popularity. To answer a question I have just received, if ordering Testovirons from a source in Europe, you will get a pure enanthate injectable.
This is despite the fact that, for some odd reason, Schering markets a mixed testosterone propionate/enanthate 250mg product under the same name in South America. This version of Testoviron is rarely seen anymore, though the name does continue to cause confusion due to profiles of it posted on the internet.

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