Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brown-Stripe Omnadren

This is just a reminder that despite there not being alot of Omnas available on the Polish market, we have yet to see any fakes of the newest brown-striped Omnadren with '250' written on the label in pink. For those of you who appreciate quality human-grade gear, the new Omnas are a great choice. Currently the fakes of Omnadren include old-boxed brown-striped Omnas with a black 250, as well as the old-style Omnas without the ring being sold loosely without boxes. The newest Omnas come in a newly-designed box with braille print. When purchasing Omnadren from a source who sells them loose, it may be a good idea to pay extra shipping to have a boxed pack sent serperately to avoid fakes.


  1. just got some of the new pink letter omnas. looked all over to see if they were fake or real. thank you for posting this info. more people should be on top of these things as you are

  2. I bought some of these Omna's a few months ago and gained very well during the 8 weeks I used them. But I recently did another cycle with an increased dosage but stopped after 6 weeks with no gains in strength or size. My friend had the same experience on 750mg per week. We both got ours from the same source. It would seem that its possible fakes may exist.