Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Domestic or International?

When chosing an online steroid supplier, one of the first decisions
that has to be made, is whether to chose a domestic supplier
or an international one.

Luckily, the RBB team has both bases covered.

With over ten years in the business, we have managed to keep
our customers safe, whichever option they chose.
However, despite having to deal with customs, we feel that
international is both cheaper and safer. If the products
are being sent from an EU country (as opposed to regions that
customs concentrates on such as China, Russia and Asia to name a few)
and the package is small, the worst case scenario will be a seizure
letter from customs.
Inexperienced suppliers, who dont fully understand what they
have to do to get past internal customs inspections prior to
the package leaving their country, also have to contend with
the possibility of 'lost' packages- those being sent back to the sender
following inspection at an outbound airport. This can result in alot
of wasted time and accusations of scamming by both the buyer
and seller.

Happliy, with over ten years in the business, we have this covered as well.

The major danger with buying steroids online is that domestic
sources get busted every few years, or disappear- sometimes with
alot of customer's money. When customer records are seized
it results in alot of raids, arrests, legal fees and stress. Something
that doesnt happen with international sources and where
the customer cannot deny ordering the gear as law enforcement
has copies of emails and other proof of alledged crimes.


  1. What about in the U.S.? What is the worse that could happen? Also what are the odds of the package getting checked if it was say only 3 or 4 10ml bottles or 2 or 3 boxes of amps?

  2. Good points!
    I always figured dom was safer because cust is not involved. However, like stated, a local bust can result in local raids on customers afterward. I still can't see the reasoning behind the Witch Hunt. If an adult that is not a pro sports figure wants to use aas to make his/her muscles bigger, they should be able to go see a doctor....not be arrested!