Friday, September 25, 2009

More Samples Arriving! More Idiots Complaining!

When we decided to send free samples of our gear to customers, we knew that this would be an unpopular move and that some people would get pissed off. But on the positive side, people would see the quality of our gear and would know what to expect regarding packaging/TA time.

All those who would like to see the feedback we are getting from our sample campaign are invited to check out our threads in the sponsor's section of We are happy to receive any feedback there or by email.

What we are not happy about is being criticized by people who have never even ordered from us on obscure boards that we do not read regularly. One such thread recently came from a guy who couldn't understand simple instructions, and as a result didnt get a sample. He, of course, started a thread on cuttingedgemuscle where he insists that we wouldnt send him a sample unless he posted his address openly on a forum (wtf?). This is obviously not true, as any of the hundreds of people receiving samples can attest to.

We have a comment function on the blog and encourage feedback on our threads or by email. Badmouthing us behind our back will get you no where are only makes it look like you have something to hide by not allowing us to respond to idiotic criticisms.


  1. I do major research on where I order my gear from. For all the critics out there I want you to know that I recieved my order in just under a week and it was legit! Yeah its a very hard time right now in this industry but you can find quality gear if you go to the right places. Never once did I have to post my info openly and I look forward to future orders from rbb.

  2. I received a batch of the Razak Dianabol.

    All I can say is that I'm highly impressed with everything about them; packaging, quality, T/A, etc.

    I'm glad you folks are around, and hope to continue our relations long into the future.

    Thank you, and please be rest assured that these boys are 100%.

    T/A was impeccable. Under a week.

    JustinWK From