Friday, September 18, 2009

Organon Dbol? No thanks....

In contrast to UG producers in North America, European UG labs have a somewhat bad habit of not creating their own brand, but producing UG gear under the name of a well-known pharmaceutical company instead. I suppose these technically aren't fakes, as quite a few contain the correct dosage and steroid, and more often than not, they are 'counterfeiting' products that simply don't exist.

Dianabol, supposedly produced in Argentina by Organon, falls into this category. It comes in a sachet of 100 5mg tabs, is reasonably priced and if it weren't for the fact that results reported by users have been below par, we could actually recommend it. Better stick to more well-known brands such as Razak or APXLabs for UG dbol, or Bioreactor Russians or Metanabol, for those who prefer human grade.

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  1. its an obvious counterfeit..organon ARGENTINA hahaha its like deca from zambon..:)fake!>>