Sunday, September 13, 2009

Razak Dbols: Great Feedback

We are happy to say that the feedback concerning Methanex dbol, made by Razak, has been tremendously positive. Shortly after carrying this brand, we sent out about a hundred packs as samples. Since then we have been receiving emails about Razak as well as checking out internet posts on various forums. We certainly havent received a single complaint- as one would expect when sending a bunch of gear for free, we were concerned that some customers would dismiss Razak as crap cause it didn't cost them anything. However, user's results speak for themselves. Razak are sold in packs of 100 tablets, dosed at 10mg per tablet. The retail price is 30$ per pack or 20$ each when ordered 20 packs.

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  1. i just started my cycle with these, on my fifth day, i feel the streght already and way more pumps in the gym, so far so good, i like