Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Razak Injectables Available Shortly!!!

UG producer Razak has recently released a full line of 10ml injectables. Razak is best know for its popular 10mg Methanex dbol and other orals such as Stanozolol and Oxandrolone. The new line includes a 200mg Deca, a 100mg NPP, a 100mg Test Prop, a 25mg injectable Dbol, a 100mg Tren Acetate and 200mg versions of both Test Cypionate and EQ.
Razak has a very good reputation among UG producers and packaging changes frequently enough that fakes have not yet been a problem. As the injectable line is brand new, there certainly won't be any fakes of it for awhile and if their orals are any indication, the injectables should be clean and properly dosed.
We will post user feedback on the new Razak line as soon as it becomes available.


  1. How cost for this inj razak products ? :) razak have very good metandienone and i hope inj products be also good :)

  2. awesome.....i just found a dealer :D