Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thoughts on Underfilled and Overfilled Amps

There has beed some talk as of late regarding under and overfilled amps of human grade gear. My thoughts on the subjest are that neither is a reason to rejoice or get depressed about. In the product literature for Jelfa's Omnadren, it clearly states that each amp contains 250mg of testosterone esters, suspended in up to 1ml of oil. This leads me to believe that Jelfa's manufacturing process calls for determining the exact amount of testosterone per ml and putting just enough in the amp for there to be 250mg. Similarly, it is a common practice for UG labs, who have trouble reaching their ambitous concentrations, to through in an extra cc or two if the gear isnt as strong as promised. What should be avoided, however, are amps with uneven levels of oil in them (from the same lot). Not caring if one amp has 200mg and the next has 300mg, shows us that the particular manufacturer isn't serious and clearly doesn't have to meet the standards that we assume a human grade producer should.

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