Friday, November 27, 2009


Many of you asked recently about the 'Dynamic RX' line of oils. Here it is from the manufacturer himslef.

This line is triple filtered for sterility. It is produced by a small independent compounding lab. This line has been tested numerous times by third party labs and has always tested out over and above. You are welcome to send it away to your own independent lab and have it tested as well. We have searched far and wide for a potent clean line of products and have settled on the Dynamic RX line. We supply a few IFBB pros and many many national level competitors. This program has been underground for the last years and concentrated solely on high performance athletes.

The products speak for themselves.


  1. is it another shit promoted by rbb?

  2. unclez turned scammer

  3. Anyone actually know about the Dynamics RX line of gear?

  4. heard Dy rx owes a bunch of product, and their pulled threads out, no contact, but does rbb sale dy rx P.S. Uncle scammed me, bogus gear, YOU KNOW IT UNCLE. hope u get stomach cancer and die u fuken selective scammer