Friday, November 20, 2009

Phoenix Labs... Run away !

A new UG lab has appeared in recent month here in Europe, called Phoenix Labs. The line includes orals so far. So nothing out of the ordinary here yet, however after speaking to a few people who have got their hands on some of the products, it seems that things aren't as promising as expected. Although there have only been a few reports, it is disturbing that all the tabs are the same color, and according to a couple of users preliminary reports, this stuff might all just be placebo. Stay tuned for updates and stay away from this stuff for the time being and until there is more positive feedback available.


  1. i think phoenix is better than razak.

  2. ILL take razak any day or Jelfa.

  3. Lower your tren dose man, its just opinions. How about razak Anavar? Should be (i hope) as gtg as the dbol you like so much. Peace