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Ret busted ! Story on Russian TV.

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October 26-2009 Bodybuilders on trial for smuggling steroids

( English is poor as it's a google translation from Russian )

On Monday in Moscow began the trial of the sellers of steroids. A group of bodybuilders start supplying banned anabolic steroids in the United States. As they say in Moscow narkopolitseyskie such cases they have not yet. American athletes under the trademark "British Dragon" label from Thailand relies on Russia for drugs made in Moldova. The FBI is unable to unravel.

These cadres operatives Moscow drug control during the filming, surveillance as the prime suspect. Dmitry Koshuba-looking sports man. Here he goes home with a fairly hefty bag, inside which the parcel. And so day after day. From house to mail. Always in the same department. Staff Mail said: loyal customers a little, and such a colorful man they remembered immediately.
"He's not fat, but as if pumped. Bodybuilder or something" - said an employee mail.

The box indicated the contents of a parcel - food additives, the material value - three hundred rubles, the address of the recipient. That's so simple, almost commonplace, according to narkopolitseyskih, worked well-established channel of delivery in the United States of anabolic steroids. They are forbidden for the free circulation of the ocean as well as in Russia. Considered potent substances.

In essence, anabolics - a hormonal medications. They have properties to increase muscle mass man. According to some experts, with the regular use by athletes may cause dependence, similar to the drug. Similarly it is proved that non-therapeutic method anabolics destroys the body.

"All the drugs were smuggled. Supplies are available from Moldova and China. Packaging printed and distributed from Thailand, where he was their accomplice, a man named Richard, who was also detained service of the U.S. service anti-drug", - said Ivan Elisavetchenko, Head of Control Service the licit drug control the RF Federal Drug Control Service in Moscow.

U.S. intelligence has long tried to calculate the feed supply in their country of anabolic steroids, but eventually came out only to the press. And only then from the Moscow narkopolitseyskih learned the names of the suppliers. As investigators believe, tablets and capsules, by the way, produced at the underground plant, packaged and packed associates Dmitry Koshuba at home. Ready Party is bare, and he sends them to America. On boxes and jars glued obtained from the Thai label company with a great name British Dragon Pharmaceuticals.

"This company does not exist, - says Ivan Elisavetchenko. - It was invented by Koshuba along with his accomplice, Richard. The name was also false. But among those who use these drugs, the company was widely known. All felt that the existing legal pharmaceutical company. What is understandable: the quality of drugs was at altitude. As they say narkopolitseyskie, hence such a sporty look very Dmitry Koshuba: what to trade, then he swallowed.

There was a sale exclusively through the Internet. There, an American customer placed the order, received the parcel only after wholly prepaid. It frames the search in the mansion Dmitry Koshuba. Police believed the money very long.

In the dock - Five people, including members of Russia's customs, who helped parcels safely pass mandatory monitoring and verification of content.

Pleaded trade potent substances, smuggling and organizing group accused not guilty and demanded that their case examined the jury.

If you ordered from Ret I suggest you watch the video on this link.


  1. I always liked Retabolil. I cant translate Russian but watched the video anyways. Keep us informed rbb. 1love


    atleast he was living one hell of a life this guy haha