Monday, November 23, 2009


We don't even know if this gear is legit.... A friend of us (see above) bought it last week and asked if we ever heard about it.

We think that this is another UG Lab run in some garage or even in the kitchen, who knows ! They say it's quite popular gear in the Northern Ireland too.

Anyway we look forward to the results and will post it as soon as we get them. Meantime let us introduce our UK buddy... his nick name is COLD.


  1. i use this stuff all the time my scource is excellent and is one the main guys for trust labs i ve used this gear for the last year an have had excellent results as have my friends at the gym and yes my stuff comes to me from northan iresland would definatly recomend it the police confiscated it tested it then had to give it to me back as possesion isn't illegal they confirmed it was steroids 8 were tested in all the deca,test prop,test cyp,test enanth,tren,equipiose,(which gave me massive steghnth gains for some reason when ever i used trust labs one)stanozolol,sustanon.I really trust trust labs bit of a corny name but why put a name out like that if your gonna sell fake shit this stuff is definatly good to go..i ll put my name to that

  2. been using trust labs for over a year now quality gear with good gains

  3. I have the oppertunity to try a cycle of trust lab gear from a source in N.Ireland and am worryed that it is fake. I have read the above comments and yes it all sounds good but one guy sald he had his juice took off him tested and then gave back because its not illegal to poses them !! Well iam affraid to say that it is illegal to poses them with intent for human consumption and trust me I NO!!! Which means if your caught with them your geting nicked!! So im still no better off geting to the truth If anyone can really help me finding out about trust labs please contact me

  4. yeah i been using tlabs a have had great results and yes it is not illeagal to possess i had amps ond other anabolics lifted by the old bill an they were given back