Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What you can still buy at Thailand pharmacy !

I got an email a few days ago concerning what you can still buy at Thailand pharmacy. While I'm no expert on Thai pharmacy offer, I thought I would post some pics of these stuff.

All of these were bought in a pharmacy so one assumes they are legit.

Enjoy it.


  1. you can also buy asia pharma gear! try in thai pharmacy.price is great.

  2. asia pharma is a rip off

  3. Lived and used here for five years.Stick with the new desnma winsro amps,new bayyer testoviron,proviron,thaiger pharma ,british dispensery.Smiley pharmacy on nanai road in patong tell them geoff sent you hook you up bigtime for great prices.srat away from all other fake junk...period