Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dbol, Metanabol, Bionabol... The Breakfast for Champions

It is late 1950s and John Zeigler, who is a doctor working with the US Weightlifting Team, begins a cooperative project with Ciba to develop a booster for US athletes. It is a middle of a Cold War and US sportsmen need some "support" to beat unbeaten Ruski's.

It's the 1956 and Dianabol is launched, the Ciba´s Methandrostenolone. Athlets picks up "Dbol" and till today it's the most common name used by them.

It's the 2009 and we have Metanabol by Jelfa. It has been more then 50 years and this product is still on shelf. Jelfa's dianabol is unique. You cannot buy any pharmacy grade dbol except Jelfa's Metanabol.

We recommend to anyone to purchase legit Jelfa's Metanabol. It's expensive... but it is The Breakfast for Champions

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