Monday, January 4, 2010

Testoland Depot 200mg

Today we have a letter from Ryan.

See picture at the bottum of the email. Hello, i read your blog alot and really enjoy how you post pictures of different gear, from different suppliers around the world. I wanted to see if you were interested in posting this picture on the blog of my Testoland Depot 200mg (cipionato de testosterona). I just bought it from one of my regular sources and it seems that this brand is not known very well. The only facts i know of it are it is human grade made by Landerlan labs, the pharmecutical company is based in paraguay and spain. If you go to this link below you can see other injects and tablets landerlan labs makes i cant read the stuff though cause i dont speak spanish. You may very well all already know this product, i have found a small handful of people who have used it and all loved it. Its 200mg/2ml and very very very smooth. I love it and im making quick gains. If you arent interested in this then sorry for taking up your time. Thanks, Ryan.


  1. they look like a nock off of the testex elmu 200mg ml

  2. Very similar to Testex. A very good source I know is selling them so they have to be good to go...