Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zambon Winny fake or not ?

Check out attached pics. Reader of us asked if his Zambon winny is legit. Lot # isA003 CAD 01/2012. We cannot say fake or legit but perhaps some of you have had some expierence and want to share with us. Please post in the comment section.


  1. they are all the same LOT#?? wow what a difference in powder levels

  2. fake 100%.i mailed zambon. they dont do it anymore. desma bought rights to winstrol from them. only desma's winstrol i legit. and watchout for a018 series. its 90% fake. - mailme if you want some info

  3. true all new zanmbons are now labeled as desma with new holograms and brail om label.everywhere in thailand....