Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some pics

Today we have some pics sent by one of our readers. Please post in comment section if you know this gear.


  1. Sorry, it's american (watson) cypionate, sacrega EQ-200. Best packaging ever for a UG( if it is one?) showing inside , outside, and what I like is absolutely no english which means it is not aimed at americans or english speakers. Even Tornel had som english such as jan instead of enero. I also threw in an older liqua tech, drost-enanthate 200mg. For speculation, someone might run 600 EQ, 600 Masteron, 600 test..sounds decent?

  2. The super tren extreme was a great, great oral compound. I felt it more in strength gains than the last couple of Razak Dbol. I would of never believed it but a store owner flipped it 2 me, 2 years ago. Man, it felt real good.