Saturday, March 13, 2010

Malay Tiger Sustanon-250

Yesterday we received samples of Sustanon-250 by Malay Tiger. To make a long story short, Malay Tiger is not a real company. But they indeed make a real products. Most of the UG Labs make thier own name but never use any real adressing. Malay Tiger pretends to be a legit business, but this company never produced any steroids.
Once again we underline it, they make a real and properly dosed gear. As you can see the packaging looks very professional and you can get Sustanon-250 in 1ml amps. There is not much fake of Malay Tiger Sustanon-250, so call it a safe buy.


  1. Definitely a real company. You can get them at the Pharmacy in Russia all day.

  2. is a scam and cheater