Friday, July 9, 2010

Question concerning fake Geneza

i recently purchused Geneza GP Stan 10, 100 tablets, lot:GP502 with an exp: 03/2015 ISN: 9607V2026G5A from a online supplier.
when i was taking them one day, i didnt have water handy so they sat on my tongue for few moments longer than usual, as they lingered on my tongue, i noticed they had a very sweet taste, like a fruity breath candy.
their wieght is about 10 mg a tablet and they are solid yellow when broken open, so i figured considering their weight and what is supposed to be a 10 mg content of active ingredient there would be liitle space in the content for a sugar coating on the tablet. when i open the packet and smell them i also smell a "fruit loop" type smell. is this normal? it seems odd that an UG lab would take the time or expense to sugar coat their pills.
my question is headed towards the area of, did i buy sugar pills? or is this smell normal. i searched the web and havent seen anything like this ever mentioned.

pictures enclosed


  1. its not possible to make 10mg tabs with 10mg of raw material. usually the raw material is about 10% in the case of smallest tabs is 20-30%. in some tabs with very compressible tablets like acid acetylsalicicum raw material is compressible alone but stanozolol never.

  2. Fake as fake can be. Sugar pills.

  3. depends on how muuch you trust your supplier. contact GP and ask?

  4. if you say tablet has 10mg in total is impossible to be legit ! either you mistaken !!!