Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What oral compound can be mixed with dbol for the best muscle gain and strength ?

What oral compound can be mixed with d-bol for the best muscle gain and strength ?

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Anadrol, because they will have a synergetic effect upon eachother. Anadrol is what i use to get my strength up and dbol is what i use to get my protein synthesis going..So the anadrol gets me lifting crazy heavy weight to tear muscle tissue, then the dbol builds that shit right back.It's a perfect mix.
I'm assuming you mean running only dbol and one other oral compound?
I would say that proviron wouldnt be a bad choice.
Rather than adding another powerful oral that may be hard on your liver it's relatively mild but will maximize the quality of gains from the Dbol.
The proviron will act as an androgen while hardening up your gains. It will also suppress the amount of estrogen in your body, limit the sides and bloat while freeing up your test.
If i had to stack two orals with no test I would have to go with Dbol AND ANAVAR.
wk1-6 dbol 30mg ed
wk1-10 anavar 50mg ed

Dbol and var would give crazy powder to you.
for quality size and strength i would go with Dbol/primo acetate in oral form of course.

the primo will help alleviate some of the problems common with dbol like bloat and gyno. primo itself can act as a mild anti-e, great gains in strength, enhance other drugs, and some fat loss depending on diet. overall you should see some nice quality gains with this combination as they work together and leave you looking like a bloated pig.
since you didn't ask for healthiest, or least amount of sides..

while dbol is an awesome, potent oral with potential for great gains in size and mass, it is known to bloat and have many estrogenic sides (water retention, added fat mass) and the strength gains aren't off the charts, although they are worthy of mention. Enter methyltrienolone. Much like the compound it is derived from (trenbolone), it does not aromatize like d-bol, and its properties produce tremendous Strength gains while adding pounds of extreme-quality, retainable muscle mass to your frame.
------------------------------------------dbols (a better answer but vague answer is to stacked with a class 2 steroid.)

This was a theory behind stacking of class 1 and class 2 compounds. (mixed approval theory)

Within theory anavar or var is considered to be class 1, when stacked with a class 2, you get a synergistic combo.
------------------------------------------How about oral Winstrol because it has higher androgenic effects to counter balance D-Bol's low androgenic ability.

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